Teen Idol by Meg Cabot

jcdkjdks Review of    Teen Idol

By Meg Cabot

Teen idol was first released 21st July 2004.The book is translated in a lot of languages like Swedish , Germany , Thai and so on. It has won a lot of awards like “ New York best Seller on its Children`s Chapter Booklist” and “New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age” It is not difficult to understand why it is so popular, because when you read it you recognize yourself many times. It is about a girl named Jen Greenley, she is a girl that everyone likes because she always help people with their problems. She studies at High School and she is the person who is “Ask Annie” at the school. “Ask Annie” is a website where you can ask for advice and you are anonym. She was asked by the teacher if she wants to take care of the famous movie star Luke Striker, who`s coming to clayton to research a new role. Jen cannot say to anybody that Lukas Smith, that he is called in school, is Lukas Striker. Jen`s best friend is a huge fan of Lukas Striker and that makes it even harder. The story is set present day in America. The book’s main audience is teenagers because the main character is a teenager who goes to high school and the text is very easy to read. The book message as I interpreted was that sometimes you have to save yourself before you can save others. The book was good, one thing that was good with it was that it had a really unexpected ending because then you can never foresee what is going to happen when you are at the beginning of the book. If there was anything that could be improved with this book, then it would be to cut down on some of the details that sometimes were too much. Because in some cases it made it could be a little bit tedious to read. If I would rate this book on a scale from one to ten I would give it a strong eight.

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