Bridget Jones’s Diary By Helen Fielding

This book was first published in 1996 but this edition was published in 1998. It is an bridgetamusing book in form of a woman´s diary. Bridget tells us about her day, her love life, friends, work and also about what she eats, drinks and how much she smokes. Because it is a diary you get to know everything she thinks and all of her feelings about everything she is thinking about.

The main characters is Bridget Jones, Daniel Cleaver who is her boss that Bridget has a little crush on and there’s also Mark Darcy who her parents are trying to set her up with. Bridget`s friends are also a big part of her life, they give her advice, probably not always the best ones but she talks to them a lot and hang out with them too.

Bridget lives in England in an apartment by herself. When you read the book you can understand that she is very messy because she always runs around looking for things she lost in her own apartment or she is late for her own party. You get the feeling that she does not really know what she wants to do with her life except that she wants to find someone that she will love and who will love her.

The book is written like a diary so the chapters are all the months of the year, and the date she is writing in her diary is like small chapters in the main chapter. It is written in British English and it contains some British slang that can be quite hard to understand if you are not from England but you can still get the main part when you keep on reading.

This is a good and entertaining book and you get to giggle a lot. It is probably mostly girls and women who would like this book and connect with how Bridget feels and connects with all that is on her mind.

By: A.H SA13

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