The Last Song

“Truth only means something when it´s hard to admit” – Nicholas Sparks

17-year old Veronica´s (also called Ronnie) world was turned upside down when her parents divorced. She now lives with her mother and brother, but one summer her mother decides that Ronnie and her brother is going to spend their summer with their dad. She doesn´t have a good relation with her father and that’s one reason why she´s being forced to go to his beach house in North Carolina. Before she gets to North Carolina she expects that this is going to be the worst summer ever, until she meets Will. Will is the last person she thought she would be attracted to but she is wrong. In the end of the book something really terrible happens, that is going to change everything. The whole book is about different kinds of relations, to her father, brother, friends and Will.

I have read a book named “The Last Song”. When I got the chance to read a book in English, I immediately chose “The Last Song”. At first I had really high expectations on the book. I think many people have seen the film, but not read the book. You who haven´t read the book should do it because the book is at least as good. I love this book because the story is so good. The book is pretty easy to read. The text I quite big and the language is not hard to understand. If you are a girl in the age 13-20 and love books about teenage love I think this is the perfect book for you.

I think Nicolas Sparks is an amazing author. He has written several other books and I love them as much as I love this.

I give the book 5 of 5 stars

Elin Jonsson

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