The day I met Suzie – Chris Higgins

16166098“My boyfriend could get into trouble if he gets caught. He could go to jail.” I moan softly. “So could I.”
“Anything you tell me is completely confidential.” I sigh deeply. What have I got to lose? “I wouldn’t know where to begin.”
“At the beginning?” she says. “In your own words.”
So that’s what I do. I start at the beginning like she says.
The day I met Suzie.

Indigo (Indie) calls the Samaritans. She is frightened and desperate with no one to turn to. Over one long night Indie tells her story to the person behind the phone.

The story begins with the first day of Indie’s second year at Hair and Beauty College. This is also where she meets Suzie for the first time and helps her out. This meeting is an important event because it is here that Suzie captures Indie’s attention.

Indie can’t stop thinking about Suzie. Suzie with her bad posture and shabby look looks so lost and miserable, like a sad little puppy. She becomes curious and wants to know more about her story. Indie feels sorry for her and wants to help her. Therefore, as a favor she gives her a makeover. Here she starts copying Indie’s look with not just the same haircut but also with the same makeup, clothes – everything.

While Suzie gets more and more involved in Indie’s life, more and more things go wrong for Indie. Her boyfriend Rick starts to mess up making bad choices and get in to problems with the police. At this point Suzie lives in Indie’s house and they have become good friends and Indie begins to rely more and more on Suzie. While, Indie’s life start to collapse, Suzie’s life starts to improve with a place to stay, a new job, and new friends (Indie’s friends).

When Indie contacts the Samaritans that night, she is not the same girl as you get to know early in the story. The bubbly, outgoing and well-behaved girl is gone. But once she starts to share her story with the Samaritans things starts to change. The Samaritans open Indies eyes and now she starts to see things more clearly.

I really enjoyed this book. I didn’t have any expectations on this book and was surprised how good the story is.  It’s pretty obvious from the start that Suzie has done something to cause big trouble for Indie when she gradually steals her life. An important part of the excitement is that we get a glimpse of this from the start and then struggles to put the pieces together.

I love Indie’s character. She is adorable and I think many people can relate to her. This book shows the back side of being too trusting and kind-hearted and how some people can make use of these characteristics to their advantage. I also think that the relationship between Indie and Rick is entertaining but also very realistic for a teenage couple.

Overall, I would really recommend this to anyone looking for an exciting book to read. I give this book 4/5 possible.

Lina Hedberg, Ek13

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