Girl, Missing and Running for her Life- by Sophie McKenzie.

Lauren Matthews is an adopted child and have been in her adoptive family since she was three years old.  Lauren´s mom and dad refused to tell about her childhood before she was adopted. She is curious about that and wants to know. Lauren had been searching on different websites about missing children. She had found a girl whose name was Martha and somehow she got the feeling that it was her at the picture. Lauren tried to get her mom out of the house because she knew that she had diaries in the attic.  Jam was a friend to Lauren. Jam’s mom had invited Lauren´s mom for coffee, so now Lauren had the opportunity to search in the diaries.

Lauren asked her mom and dad if they couldn’t go on a holiday to USA. In the diary she had found what the name of the adoption agency was and she also found a woman called Sonia Holtwood, that was engaged in the adoption. The adoption agency was in USA so Lauren had to trick her parents on a vacation to the USA. The whole family was about to go on a vacation but then Lauren´s dad said that he couldn’t be away from his work. After some fights about whether to stay home or go without the father, they decided that Jam was going to take her dad’s ticket.

Lauren´s plan was to get to the airport then she and Jam walked away and took another plan and so they did. Jam and Lauren had turned off their phones and went to the adoption agency. She talked to a Mr Tarsen and he said that he couldn’t help her. She had to be eighteen or have her parents´ permission. Lauren wanted so badly to know who her real parents were or what had happened when she was little. Jam and she took in on a motel and they planned to break in to the adoption agency. They did it at midnight and they found her file at the adoption agency but it was empty, the only thing that was in it was a note with an address. They took the note and then they heard footsteps in the corridor. Jam and Lauren ran down the stairs and jumped out of the window that they had thrown a stone at. When they jumped out of the window they saw Mr Tarsen stand in the window staring at us. He knew that Lauren and Jam were going to get the file with the information about her adoption.

The day after Jam and Lauren went with the bus to the address they found.  They walked in to the stairwell and found the apartment they were looking for. They and rang at the door. It wasn’t Sonia at the door. Sonia didn´t live there any more. When they came out from the apartment a police started to talk with them. She asked where they were going and if they needed a ride. She was going to the Boston Airport just like Jam and Lauren. They jumped in to the car and she offered them juice. Lauren and Jam took it and they fell asleep.

When Lauren and Jam woke up they couldn’t find their cellphones.  Lauren started to feel that something was wrong about this “police”. When she stopped the car it was dark and cold outside. Sonia got mad and left Jam and Lauren to die outside. They were out in the middle of nowhere and none of them had a cellphone so they couldn’t tell anyone where they were. So what were they supposed to do?

The book jumped directly in to the story and I think it was easy to understand the book.  The story line was good because it happens things all the time so I didn’t feel anytime that the book was boring. The book is exciting and the author is good at describing incidents, persons and environments. That way it is it easier to get your own picture of the story. The book has 300 pages and 43 chapters. It is short chapters but that was just an advantage.

I recommend this book for other to read because it’s a good and exciting book.

I give this book four of five Easter eggs.

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