Twilight- Stephanie Mayer

Twilight is the first of four vampire-themed fantasy and romance novels by the American author Stephanie Mayer. Twilight was first published in 2005 and since the release, the book and its followers has become extremely popular and it has been sold in over 116 million copies worldwide.

download (2)The book took place in the small town Forks, Washington, and it is about Isabella Swan who moves to her dad in Forks to make it easier for her mom, when she has to travel around with her baseball playing boyfriend. She soon meets Edward Cullen, a mysterious but beautiful vampire, and it does not take long before they are deeply in love. But the fact that Edward and his family are vampires makes their love to each other hard and they have to face many difficulties.

It is quite easy to understand Twilight’s excessive popularity. The mixture of mystery, romance and thrill is probably something we all cannot get enough of. And not only that, the book is written in an incredibly skillful manner and creates a sense of that you actually are the characters in the book. Stephanie captures the feelings into words in an extraordinary way and events like Edward and Isabella’s first meeting, her run for her life or something just as easy as their conversations, becomes so much stronger since it feels like it’s you who is feeling all those feelings.

Also, we often feel passionate for a person or a couple in books and we are tirelessly following that person’s journey. Exactly what it is that makes us so fixated is probably hard to put into words but Isabella and Edward undeniable have something that catches the most of us. That is another factor why the book has become so popular all over the world. From the moment Isabella comes to Forks and meets the mysterious vampire Edward people became like spellbound.

The book is so well done and if you have not read it yet you should definitely do it in a soon future. You will not regret it at all. The story is fantastic, and even thou Edward and his family are vampires the book and its story does not feel unreal at all. Stephanie puts in so much reality into the book, videlicet, problems and issues that we “normal” people can have and struggles with sometimes in our lives. In that way, many more can actually relate to the book and that it’s a thing that have contributed that the book feels so reliable. So, if you have not read it already, do it. But be careful. As soon you have opened the book, you won’t be able to put it away.

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