The Boyfriend – R.L Stine

The book The Boyfriend is a horror story and came out in October 1990. It was written by the American writer Robert Lawrence who is known as a good novelist.

You jump into Joanna’s confident teenage life, and you will pretty fast understand her joy to put other people in uncomfortable situations. Joanna’s stupid behavior to other people, especially her boyfriend, puts her best friend, Mary, in a very complicated position. Mary tries in many ways explaining to Joanna that she cannot behave like this if she wants to keep her boyfriend Dex. The truth is that Johanna does not care about Dex at all. Surprisingly the whole story turns upside down and Johanna’s life becomes more and more strange, that keep your attention up.

R.L’s way to write the book and how detailed her life describes makes it really easy and interesting to read. It does not take long until you are stuck and cannot stop reading. How Joanna behaves and how she thinks make you change your mind about her more than once. The book puts you in many situations when you nearly hold your breath of fear.  When you think that you have predicted the end of the book, there is a twist and everything changes. Joanna is a special girl and she think and acts differently in some situations than maybe you would. The surroundings are explained pretty well and it is not hard to paint up your own picture of environment. Smells and appearance are described very well too, and it makes the whole thing more realistic.

People sometimes say “Do not judge the book by its cover” and you should absolutely not do it to this book either. You can get the wrong impression and feeling of it that actually is a little sad. It is a book with a great message, and if you start reading the book you must read the whole thing. Otherwise it can be difficult to catch the writer’s message.  Shortly said, you can say that it is a book that catches your attention fast, and it is hard to stop reading once you begin.

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