Sweet Little Lies by Lauren Conrad

sweet little liesSweet little lies came out in 2010 as a sequel to L.A candy. The genre is young-adult fiction and the trilogy is about young love, friendship and big dreams. Conrad, the author of the book is a famous American celebrity who has been on TV for instance in a reality show, called the Hills.

It is not hard to find a connection between the trilogy and Lauren Conrad’s own life, to move to L.A and to get caught up in a reality show is something that happened in her own life. The story is about two girls, Jane and Scarlett who move to L.A and become stars in a reality show. The first book ends with a scandal and the second book starts just after the incident, Jane just wants to escape and she needs a shoulder to cry on. Madison Parker offers her help and unaware of Madison’s scheming Jane happily receives Madison’s helping hand. Jane´s and her best friend Scarlett´s relationship goes through a tough time, Scarlett feels that something is not right with Madison but Jane will not listen to her. Jane and Jesse move forward and they start dating again but something bugs Jane. When Jesse gets really drunk, he cannot control himself and sometimes he is acting like a real douchebag to her. You get involved in Jane and Scarlett’s life and it feels like you have known them for a long time, and this is something Conrad has done really well.

The character- and setting descriptions are really good in this book and it is rather easy to read. The chapters always end with a little twist and you just want to keep on reading. Here is a quotation that illustrates the author’s way to do it: “…the cameras had her profile in their sights, and not Jane´s. Monopolizing the frame was hard work, almost as hard as coming up with clever lies. Fortunately for Madison, she was really good at both,” (167).

Sweet little lies ends with a lot of question marks, you do not know what is going to happen with everyone and that is why it is a trilogy, there is a third book to come. The second book in a trilogy can sometimes be the worst of them all but not in this case. It has everything that the first book has, excitement, problems, love and friendship and even more.

The name of the book can be a hint to the message of the book and also for the whole trilogy. On the outside everything can look so perfect and wonderful but underneath, behind the cameras you can see all the Sweet little lies. Looking forward to read the last book of this wonderful trilogy! I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Maria Nilsson SA13

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